Influencer Analytics

Influencer Analytics

Knowing whom and how to influence

Influencer Analytics reveals the forces that genuinely shape decision makers. For corporate government relations teams, trade associations, issue groups, and other organizations, Influencer Analytics optimizes public affairs analysis, messaging, targeting, and delivery.



Conventional understanding of influence typically relies on anecdotes and assumptions.  Recent political trends have upended traditional patterns of thought leadership that had prevailed for decades.



Influencer Analytics provides an objective measurement of influence.  The result: superior decisions involving public policy advocacy and political risk.



Baron begins by assembling a database of tens of thousands of citations made by policy makers.  Then, Baron scores external parties’ influence on policy makers using custom-developed analytical methods and refines raw data into actionable insights.

Case Studies

Baron’s citation-collection process is informed by the firm’s experience gathering well over 60,000 citations for recent Influencer Analytics projects.

A major company with annual revenues over $50 billion in a highly regulated sector confronts long-term political obstacles.

The company engages Baron to identify true influencers on the public debate and craft plans for engagement.  Baron manually collects more than 30,000 citations about the issue of interest from 80 publications, 40 institutions, and 250 political, business, media, and cultural leaders.  By applying Influencer Analytics, Baron measures influence across the database of citations.  Baron selects influencers to study in depth and reports findings and recommendations in tactical blueprints, one per influencer.  The result: in one of the largest sectors of the U.S. economy, Baron was able to define the small universe of organizations and individuals who played an outsized role in setting the public policy consensus.  By revealing actual – as opposed to presumed – influencers, Baron discovers previously unrecognized opportunities, allowing efficient investment in exceptionally high-return initiatives.

A coalition of leading business executives seeks to identify and understand the genuine influencers on a particular issue.

Baron, in collaboration with the client, defines a pool of more than 500 possible opinion leaders and selects over 30 to study.  Baron collects thousands of citations and, using propriety Influencer Analytics algorithms, identifies top nodes of influence.  Baron examines the top 100 influencers, selecting the top 30 that matched project criteria, manually verifying citations for accuracy, and creatively applying custom distortion-controls.  Finally, Baron crafts approaches for the client to engage with the identified influencers, most of whom were previously unknown or underappreciated.

With private-sector leaders struggling to understand and engage with the Trump Administration, Baron applies Influencer Analytics to illuminate the new political landscape.

Baron collects more than 30,000 citations made by senior Trump Administration officials, covering a period of more than a year, and applies custom analytical tools to reveal the outside parties wielding the most influence.  Baron’s rigorous and ongoing monitoring detects shifts, reveals underappreciated patterns, and frequently demonstrates misconceptions about the true nature of political influence.  Several leading individuals or organizations were found to display remarkably little measurable influence; conversely, many lesser-known figures proved to play an outsized role.